There Is Nothing Like Living With Nature Than The Concrete Jungle, Try It To Experience It



Take an off from the routine professional life, try to spend time with nature, speak with them, they will respond to all your queries and soothe your troubled mind. This is a good and thoughtful way of relaxing your stressed mind. All you have to do is to just log onto to some website that is closely associated with nature. Such sites conduct surveys, post research findings etc. about nature and try to bring out something new every time about the stunning Mother nature. Natural science is an ocean and every expedition throws light on some astonishing facts about nature.


The best and easy way to stay close to nature and to live with them is by making some space for plants and trees in your living area and by putting aside some couple of hours to look at the lush greenery and the floral world.


Tiny flowers with huge secrets


A sight of color and variety brings a smile in an overtaxed face. One of your best friends who is ready to listen to whatever you blabber and jabber is your garden. Though they don’t speak, they send you intimations through their movements and signal you that they are listening to your concerns. It has been naturally and scientifically proved that plants listen to whatever you speak and their growth, sweetness in their fruits and softness in their flowers depend upon how a person reacts and speaks with them. A person who utters soft and humble words to plants will see it grow beautifully and stay evergreen for a longer period.


On the contrary, a person speaking harshly and in a very rough manner to a plant will only see the plant to grow in a monstrous form with thorny flowers.Gardening is an art; it is a skill to be acquired. Anybody can plant a sapling but only a few can tame it beautifully till it takes the shape of a tree. Involve your children too in this activity and you will find them doing so much research in it and will come out with some new findings every day. It is always a pleasure to decorate and embellish your tables and stands with flowers from your own garden. It gives limitless satisfaction and joy when you look at the flowers smiling brightly at you thanking you for all that you done to them to take the shape of a beautifully blossomed flower.


Orchids at the spotlight for your garden`s highlight


One easy and effortless way of beautifying your garden is by opting to plant orchids. These plants are known worldwide for their beauty and colors. It is known to be the largest and biggest family of floral species with close to 100000 varieties. They are a very common plant seen almost in all the houses. They are grown in botanical gardens, woodlands and are customarily seen in the kitchen windows of all houses.


They are very easy to grow and does not demand too much of water. It’s just that you have to bring them home, find a suitable place for it in your garden and plant them with just a cup of water every day; enough they will, very loyally, bloom beautifully adding elegance to your garden and bring fragrance to your den. But this will not happen in all seasons. Once spring comes to an end, these plants droop and slide into long hibernation. In such times to keep them live, you will have to cut them from the top to keep the stem fresh in turn keeping their roots juvenile and lively.


Tips to keep your garden fit


Choose to go for mud pots which have the ability to retain water hence keeping the plant wet always. This will help the sapling to beat the heat.Remember to change the mud once in three months to revitalize the nutrients in them.Manure the plants regularly to keep them hale and healthy.When comes to orchids in your garden, remember to give them some warm water because they are dead against cold water and cannot stand them for long.


Make small holes in the pots to let air in and out; and also for water to escape through them. When a plant is watered, it knows the quantity required for its growth and hence expels the rest of the water through these holes. In case there is nil provision for discharge, the excess water would make the roots saggy and ultimately lead to the death of the plant.Growing or maintaining a garden might look simple but in reality it is very difficult and needs lots of patience. As stated above, it is an art and not everybody can master it at the first go; it takes time. Plants and flowers are such flexible organisms that they get attached to you very easily when treated with love and care.


The amazing Nun orchid


There are close to 25000 species in orchids and one profound type is the Nun orchid. It is again a very easy to grow plant. This type blooms beautifully with long, plate like leaves and the flower comes from the shoot in the form of cluster. One very important tip for making them happily live with you for a longer period is to grow them in pots under shade during summers and in winters, to keep them indoors where they can get enough sunlight.


Straight and direct exposure to heat or cold will destroy them. Once their blooming period, late January or early February, comes to an end, they start sleeping and it becomes an ideal period for transportation. You can shift them from one place to another or even to a different soil in a completely new environment and to all these they will respond well when done during their hibernation period. 


There are many clubs and associations that focus on gardening as an important aspect in their activity. They also conduct regular shows and exhibitions to promote tree planting and having a garden compulsorily at every residence. It has been proved scientifically that there are many advantages and health benefits in living amongst the fresh plants and trees- With Mother Nature.

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